027FN – Softa Baby Finger Toothbrush


New Cute Baby Finger Toothbrush Box Children Teeth Clear Massage Soft Silicone Baby Rubber Cleaning

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Suitable for: 6 months to 18 months old baby
Material: imported food grade silica gel + polypropylene PP, temperature resistance 110 degrees.
Size: pp box length 7 cm, width 4.1 cm, height 2.8 cm; silicone toothbrush height 5.4cm
The same material as the nipplee, does not contain any chemical impurity, safe, non-toxic, highly transparent, strong flexibility, high temperature disinfection, baby’s health products.
Function: can be placed on the finger to clean the mouth of the newborn. The head of the toothbrush has a round head shape with soft bristles on one side, and the bristles are made of silicone material. It is very soft and helps children clean the mouth without worrying about scratching the child.
How to use:
Put the baby toothbrush on the mother’s index finger, lift the baby up and down and clean the deciduous teeth, mouth and tongue. When the baby itches at the anterior root of long deciduous teeth, the mother can put deciduous teeth on her index finger to help massage the baby’s roots.

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